Friday, April 16, 2021
Growing Together in God's Grace
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Calendar and Upcoming Events

April 2021 Calendar of Events

4/1 7pm Maundy Thursday (Zoom)
4/2 7pm Good Friday (Zoom)
4/4 9:30am Easter (Advent/Zoom)
4/4 11am Easter Egg Hunt (Advent)
4/6 10am Bible Study (Zoom)
4/7 12pm COVID-19 Task Force (Zoom)
4/8 6:30pm Bible Study (Zoom)

Pastor’s Vacation 4/10-19

4/11 9:30am Worship Zoom (SE Synod)
4/15 7pm Social Justice Class (Zoom)
4/18 9:30am Worship Advent or (Zoom)
Youth Earth Day Celebration following Worship

Pastor’s Return in office 4/20

4/20 10am Bible Study (Zoom)
6:30pm Church Council (Zoom)
4/22 6:30pm Bible Study (Zoom)
4/25 9:30am Worship (Advent or Zoom)
11:15am Sunday School (Zoom)
11:15am Confirmation (Google)
4/29 7pm Social Justice Class (Zoom)
Worship with Holy Communion 9:30 am
Sunday School 11 am