Friday, July 30, 2021
Growing Together in God's Grace
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Is Advent a Welcoming Church?


During Adult Sunday School on March 4th and 11th and 18th, 2018 we discussed a new Welcome Statement. The class was amazing, grace-filled series with a large enthusiastic group of members.  We came up with ideas about about welcoming visitors, updating our website and signage.  

We drafted a welcome statement and presented it to Council.  It was slightly modify for clarity and unanimously approved.  Below is Advent's new Welcome Statement:


Advent Welcome Statement

We believe that God loves people of every age, race, ethnicity, culture, gender, sexual orientation, economic situation, and physical or mental ability.  Whether you are single, married, divorced, separated, or partnered, we welcome you to join us in worship, communion, love, and service.  We celebrate God’s diversity in creating us, and by his Grace, we are free to love and serve one another, the church, our community, and the world.  


“Follow me, and I will make you become fishers of men.”
Mark 1:17
The basic objectives of this Board are to bring the Gospel to the “un-churched”, enlist all of God’s people in the work of spreading the gospel and to help fulfill the great commission of Jesus Christ, found in Matthew 28:19-20. It is also our desire to integrate activities of the congregation into the life of the community and to present an image that reflects favorably upon the work of Christ and of the congregation as His instrument.